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Completion Date :
Duration : 65 min
Movement Titles : Chamber Opera in two acts.
Scoring : Flute,oboe,bassoon,horn,harp,vl 1,vl 2,viola,cello,Double Bass,
Soprano,Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Baritone, Dancer.
World Premiere : London Tete a Tete Opera Festival,
Kings Place 6 & 7 August 2015.
Dedication : Prof. Hormoz Farhat
Commissioner :
Publisher :
Synopsis : Synopsis

‘A modern operatic staged adaptation of Sadegh Hedayat’s short story of the same title’

‘The Doll behind the curtain’, is an intense and imaginative story of a young man’s fascination for a silent statue behind a boutique window. Captivated by her mysterious beauty, he carries the statue back to Iran, where his infatuation and inner conflict leads him to an act which will destroy his own life and the life of his fiancée who has struggled to compete with her silent rival. The libretto and scenario is written by Dominic Power (Head of Screen Arts - National Film and Television School and a librettist for both opera and theatre).
Content :
Press Quotes : Backtrack, Evening Standard, Financial Times
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Composers Note : (Characters)
Mehrdad, Son of the Family (Lyric Tenor)
Maître, Mehdad’s School Master (Baritone)
Tombeau, Shopkeeper (Basso Largo)
Giselle, Shopkeepers Daughter (young Soprano)
Bita, Mehrdad’s fiancé (Dramatic Soprano)
Mother, Mehrdad’s Mother (Mezzo Soprano, D'Agilità)
Father, Mehrdad’s Father (Baritone)
The Doll, Statue (Young Dancer)
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