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  Opera Rec. - Copenhagen 16/12/2020

A recording project of my opera with Athelas Ensemble ready for 2021 with a major rec label.
This is the first Iranian composed opera to be published both audio and score.
Ensemble: Athelas
Place: Copenhagen
Date: Dec. 16/12/2020
Place: Copenhagen (kUK)  
Music: Athelas Ensemble (Artistic director Jesper M. L. Lutzhoft)
Mehrdad: Jonathan von Schwanenflügel
Maître: Thomas Storm
Tombeau: Per Bach Nissen
Giselle: Marie Dreisig
Bita: Signe Sneh Durholm
The Mother: Elenor Wiman
The Father: Jakob Bloch Jespersen
The Doll: Dina Fie Lorentzen 
Conductor: Eirik Haukaas Ødegaard
Composer: Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour
Libretto: Dominic Power