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The Doll Behind the Curtain, Chamber Opera in two acts is an imaginative story of a young man’s fascination with a statue on display in a shop window. He finds the mysterious beauty of the statue so captivating that he takes it back to Iran with him. His infatuation and inner conflicts urge him to act in ways that not only ruin his own life but also that of his fiancé, who struggles to outshine her silent rival. The musicreflects the dissonance between the modern and ancient worlds. The music effortlessly alternates between European modernism, Oriental folklore and classical traditions, painting a precise picture of the choices all individuals are forced to face in this ‘clash of the civilisations’. The Doll Behind the Curtain is the first Iranian modern opera with an english libretto to be released. Recorded by Athelas Ensemble in Copenhagen.

The disc will be published by BIS in Sweden on Jan. 2023